Winter Decoration: Pine Cone Ideas

Winter is always cold but you can make it warmer with decorations. Decorating will not only gives you a beautiful room, but can be a happy time where you can be as creative as you can. This time we want to talk abou pine cone ideas that you can use to decorate next winter.

Pine cone is actually not a new thing, it always used to decorate for a while. The amazing thing is that people seems to never stop inventing something new to use it. You can totally find a lot of pine cone ideas an DIY all over the internet and keep counting for more.

This time we will suggest some decorating ideas

  • Pine cone wreath

Wreath is a must for winter time decoration. Having normal green wreath can be boring from time to time. So why not using pince cone as your wreath this winter? Another advantage is that you can easily paint the pine cone to get even more colorful wreath.

  • Pine cone roses

Do you realize that pine cone resemblances roses? If you can’t see it, try to paint one in rose’s color and you will be surprised. This idea is good if you want a flowery decor but can’t get actual flower due to winter time.

  • Pine cone Christmas tree

This idea can be a lot of work becase you need to assembly all the pince cone in a shape of Christmas tree. Even so, believe it will not make you regret all the effort.

Winter is coming, and these pine cone ideas is ready to welcome you.