Simple Pine Cones Decorations You Might Not Know About

Do you know that pine cone has been choosen so many time to be the media of creativity? If not you might probably need to start looking for it now. Pine cones decorations is literally all over the internet and people can’t help but love it.

The reasons for this popularity is most probably due to pine cone ability to give festive craft image, while still maintain the elegant and wintery look. Without further ado, here some pine cones decorations ideas you might like.

  • Put it on you chandelier

If you tired of metal-look chandelier, try to put some pine cone in it. You can also add some greenery if you want to make the pine cones stand out even more.

  • Pine cone garnish

This one is actually very simple yet have big impact to your room. You can just set a bunch of pine cone in a decorative plate, and then put it in your table. You can’t eat the pine cone but this decor certainly will be delicious to look at.

  • Grapevine wreath

In winter, grapevine wreath above the fireplace is a must. Another good news is, pinecone availiable in some sizes. This will give you choice to use different size of pine for diferent size of grapevine wreath and fireplace.

Those are 3 simple idea of pine cones decorations that you surprisingly might never knew before.