How To Use Japanese Dining Table for Modern Living

Have you ever heard about a chabudai? You most probably never heard of it before. So, what about traditional Japanese dining table? I believe at leas you can picture certain type of dining table in your head.

As you know chabudai is the japanese term for traditional Japanese dining table. This table well-known for it’s simple yet useful design. This short-legged table used in so many occassion in Japan since a long time ago. As example this table can be use for dining and drinking tea, writing or drawing in paper, even for study or work.

This table offers flexibility, because it can easlily moved or stored. The height of this traditional table are just around 15-30 cms. As its short-legged design tell, chairs is a no for this table. So people usually sit around this table using zabuton or tatami.

If you are fall in love with this table but worried that it won’t go with your modern-designed house. Rest assure, here some suggestion how to make use of this beautiful little table.

  • Place in front of you sofa

It’s no secret that sofa gets along well with short table. This short table is good if you looking for a somewhere to put your coffee while talking with your friends and relatives.

  • Put it on your terrace

If you have a terrace and enjoy sightseeing from there, consider owning this gorgeous table. You can sit around while watching sunset or your beautiful garden.

  • Save one on your home office

If drawing is one of your work or hobby, having this will be a good choice. You can stop working for while and spend time drawing on this table.

So apparently this traditional Japanese dining table still relevant to our modern life, right?