Girly Room Ideas That Are Not Pink

A girl room more or less will reflect her personality, just by looking at her room you can at least catch a glimpse of her way of life. The beds, the curtains, the pillow, the carpet, or the decoration will showing her persona. Since it’simportant to have a roo that you are comfortable with, here we suggest some girly room ideas that are not simply make everything pink.

As we know pink is the color that comes to most people mind when hear the world ‘girly’. We should not complain because this color represent sweetness and prettiness that suitable for girly image. In addition a lot of girls actually favoured this color and made it their favourite color.

Even if pink related to girly image a lot, we should also be aware that not all girls like it. Some girls even think of it as childish or to much, for instance some girls might prefer more fierce concept. Other girls might choose to use elegant type and avoid using too much pink in their decoration. So here some girly room ideas for you:

  • Choose pastel color

Pastel colors usually provide sweetness as pink does, but in more varies way. You can paint you wall in one pastel color, then use a curtain with another pastel color. The advantage is pastel color looks good with another pastel color.

  • Choose your lighting

Light not only meant for brighting up the room. You can choose nice lamp that able to give an alluring effect to the room.

  • Beautiful furniture with storages

As we know, girls usually have a lot of stuff to keep. It’s important to choose furniture that come up with a lot of storage capacity.

  • Posters

You can decorate using your favourite band or movie posters. It will be a great way to show off your personality.

That’s all girly room ideas that are not go all-pink.